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Here's A List Of Just Some Of Montreal's Black-Owned Restaurants To Order From Right Now

There are countless Black-owned businesses in Montreal, which can be found all over the island. We've compiled this list of Black-owned restaurants in Montreal for you to refer to whenever your stomach starts rumbling. The list is by no means exhaustive, but we hope it inspires you to seek out the minority-owned eateries in your neighbourhood.

There's also currently a public Google Doc being used to create a list of Black-owned food joints in Montreal. The Doc was created by Instagram user sophiekimwatts and shared here with their permission.

Anyone interested in contributing to that list can contact

As for this list, we have confirmed with all restaurants that they are local Black-owned places and open for take-out.

There's an amazing variety of cuisines, so each spot can take you on a new culinary adventure.

Whether you're a veggie lover or a carnivore, the places in this article have got tons of options for you.

So, without further ado, here are some ideas for where to order your next meal that'll help support Black local businesses while filling your stomach with good food.

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