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These Are Some of the Most Intriguing La Poutine Week Creations in Montreal

La Poutine Week is upon us, and though many — likely, most — would prefer the more commonplace mound of squeaky curds, subtly-spiced gravy, and crisp-then-soggy fries, well that’s just not what this time of the year is about. Instead, participating restaurants dream up a new take on the tried-and-true classic, often adding copious amounts of toppings that seem to have no business in a poutine, yet, somehow, just might work. Others opt for a fusion-y mashup, while some deviate so blatantly from the mold that it’s hard to say whether their creation should even qualify.

This year, more than 700 restaurants across the country are participating, with 120 of those coming from right here in Montreal. Below is a round-up of some of the most notable offerings in the city, highlighted for everything from actually sounding good to not being a poutine at all.

Piklìz Comptoir Caribéen’s Piklìz Poutine: Maybe it’s the grainy photo, but this poutine looks like one that might really have some staying power. Its approach seems similar to that of exceedingly popular Ma Poule Mouillé in that it opts for an already loved protein (in this case, its griot pork cubes) and a spiced, peppery sauce that cuts through the grease — but otherwise stays true to form.

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